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SQL Server Data Compression Prediction

Following script will generate prediction for data compression in 3 different levels (Database level, Table level, Index level). DECLARE @estimation table(ObjectName nvarchar(100),SchemaName nvarchar(10),IndexId int, PartitionId int, CurrentSize bigint, NewSize bigint, SampleCurrentSize bigint, SampleNewSize bigint, CompressionMode nvarchar(10) null); DECLARE @TableName nvarchar(100); DECLARE  TABLE_CURSOR cursor for SELECT name FROM sys.objects where type = 'U' OPEN TABLE_CURSOR FETCH NEXT FROM TABLE_CURSOR into @TableName; WHILE(@@FETCH_STATUS = 0) BEGIN INSERT INTO @estimation (ObjectName,SchemaName,IndexId,PartitionId,CurrentSize,NewSize,SampleCurrentSize,SampleNewSize) EXEC sp_estimate_data_compression_savings 'dbo',@TableName,NULL,NULL,ROW; UPDATE @estimation SET CompressionMode = 'ROW' WHERE CompressionMode IS NULL; INSERT into @estimation (ObjectName,SchemaName,IndexId,PartitionId,CurrentSize,NewSize,SampleCurrentSize,SampleNewSize) EX

Jquery - Close opened dialog box

Following javascript can be used to close any open dialog. function CloseCurrentPopup() {     var diag = $(".ui-dialog");     var close = $(".ui-icon-closethick", diag);;     $(".ui-dialog").dialog("close"); }