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Embedding PowerBI with ASP.NET Core 2 and Angular(2,4,5)

Integration of PowerBI into ASP.Net is straightforward as far as you follow the Microsoft documentation. When it comes to ASP.NET Core 2, it is not, at the time of writing this article. Let me guide you through the steps I followed to successfully embed PowerBI reports to our ASP.NET Core2 / Angular5 enterprise website.

Two Scenarios

1. User Owns Data - where users will be directly registered in PowerBi portal
2. App Owns Data - you have an application which owns the data and you have users to view these reports but they are not registered in PowerBI as direct users - ISV situation
Following steps are focused on scenario 2 which is app own data, but it is not limited to use this information for scenario 1 as well.
[Flow of authentication and authorization (from Microsoft documentation)]
Step 1: Register your app
Make sure your app…