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CSS text-overflow ellipsis in the beginning of the the text - Left Ellipsis using CSS in a Flex box

Problem: If you want to have css text overflow ellipsis in the left (beginning of the text), there is no straight forward solution to get it working in all browsers (especially in Safari). There are several CSS tricks that you will end up only working few browsers. It will be further difficult, if you are trying to achieve this in flex container. Solution: Combining few ideas found in the stack-overflow, manged to get it working in most of the browsers including safari. ".cont" is flex box and either you can set a width to it, or can inherit the width from parent container element. .ellipsis:after { content: ""; background-color: white; color: transparent; position: relative; z-index: 2; min-width: 100%; display: inline-block; min-height: 1rem; } .ellipsis { direction: rtl; display: inline-block; width: calc(100% - .1em); white-space: nowrap; overflow: h

Self-Hosted Azure Devops Build Agent using Docker - AzureDevops 2019 and above - Docker in Docker

Problem Statement AzureDevops (aka tfs/vsts) 2019 and latest is no longer providing a standard docker image to start build agents. Instead Microsoft is providing reference to bunch of scripts to get started. If you just need a simple build agent (even with docker), general documentation is good enough. But with bigger organizations who has requirement to run Self-Hosted agents in docker, facing several issues with that simple setup.  Initial Reading: Microsoft Documentation -  Running a self-hosted agent in Docker Our Scenario: Self-Hosted build agents Using docker for pipeline Need to utilize resources effectively (instead of setting up many VMs as build agents) Need to run some automation testing (involves docker containers) in the pipeline Issue: Standard scripts provided by Microsoft cannot handle DIND (docker in docker) docker-compose with volume mapping in dind is not working at all Solution  First we need to build an docker image to run build agents in docker environments. Docke